There is no coincidence, only meetings...
So let's meet...

Dear Visitor, welcome at the Atelier des Remparts !

Carpenter - Maker by passion since nearly 30 years...

In the heart of the Luberon, in the Provence, South of France, the ATELIER DES REMPARTS has developed
a unique know-how in respect of the "Provençal Bastide” style for its Clients.

It has evolved to "Contemporary high-tech" style to accompany its Clients in more 'personal', sometimes more urban homes...

A Today, with a team of passionate persons, committed to constantly improve its know-how, the workshop is ready to address other challenges - eco-responsibility, preservation of Heritage and culture – but always with high quality for ambition and the willingness to be involved in unique projects.

Tomorrow, the ATELIER will continue to strengthen its skills around its core business, of course,
but especially in always being force of proposal for its Clients.

Let's become your Partner for the realization of your projects!!!

We wish you a pleasant visit.

Sincerely Yours